BT Faults

First of all I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you are enjoying the festive season.
BT-FaultsSome people however are victim of the terrible flood damage and subsequent rise in BT Faults with all this water and rain about.

Try your phone or computer in the Master Socket Test Socket !

Try your phone or computer in the Master Socket Test Socket – it might work and get you out of trouble and save you money and time determining what is wrong. See an explanation of how to do your own test here BT Faults – How to check your own equipment and determine if you have an internal fault caused by your own wiring, or if you can get your phone fixed for free by calling BT Faults department

BT Faults

Moisture, condensation, damp sockets and overhead wires jointed in junction boxes that have lost their lids in the high winds are all factors that cause your Broadband speed to drop, and your telephone line develop a crackle and noise preventing you from hearing the person at the other end. BT Faults department are open 24 hours a day and you can call them on 151 from a land line free of charge to report a fault on your line. You can also use the website if you still have internet access, allowing you to use your smart phone or tablet to raise a fault.
Crackles and noise on the line are an indication that your telephone line will quite possibly completely fail soon, so don’t waist time, report it to BT Faults now.

Reporting a fault through your Service Provider

If BT aren’t your service provider you must look at your phone bill and call your own Service Provider who will then do some line tests and contact BT Openreach on your behalf to fix your fault.

BT Building Maintenance Contact Number

On my Complaints BT page you will find useful contact numbers. These numbers are constantly being updated – sometimes with the information you provide me with!

Building Building and Property Maintenance Department

The latest addition is Head of Openreach Warren Buckley, and also contact numbers for BT Building Maintenance, where perhaps you have a problem with foliage, rubbish or trees overhanging from an exchange or BT building.
There’s no one to contact apart from when you look at the sign on the exchange door, however Gill has done some research and come up with an email address.
Please check the page out here BT Contact Numbers

How to get BT to Listen

How to get BT to Listen is a great article written by The Guardian. I read the whole thing, along with various frustrated customers comments of exasperation and desperation with BT. I thought the whole article was very interesting and hope it will be of some use to you to read, so i’ve posted the link here.

How to get BT to Listen

How-to-get-bt-to-listenNormal level headed people are often driven to depths of despair to get simple problems sorted by BT, wheather it be on a Sales Dept level, or a fault with their line.
As an Ex BT Openreach Engineer I witnessed this first hand too many times. I would always try and rectify the situation, and restore confidence. The problem was always the Front End, that first point (often the only way) of contact with BT through a foreign call centre. I guess if you are reading this, you’ve already been through the mill, so I won’t go on. I felt compelled to read the whole article, and responses, because I could identify with so many issues raised.
Please have a look at this article, and if you are experiencing problems with BT – or any other business for that matter, this different approach may reward you with some success.

Here’s the link! Get BT to Listen