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Alternative BT Complaints number other than 150 or 151 are here. I have been asked by many people fed up with poor service for an alternative BT Complaints Number, so I decided to scour the internet. I have found a number of BT Contact Numbers, BT Complaints numbers and email addresses.

bt-complaintsIf you are trying to complain to BT and have been drained of all energy, stuck in endless loops pleading with someone in India who refuses to deviate from a script, or stuck on hold to a call centre switchboard, you might be just desperate enough to try my other methods!


Subject: Noisy line & broadband problems
We spoke last week Geoff and you directed me to your website giving alternative contact numbers for BT. I decided to go to the very top and emailed Gavin Patterson, not expecting much frankly. In fact, I received an email by return telling me he would get onto it and he did. Pretty soon I had the regional manager of Openreach calling round and as of yesterday, a whole bunch of problems had been identified and (mostly) repaired. So finding you was the key to a successful process of getting years of problems fixed finally.
Thank you, Simon

Geoff, Just to say thanks for your information. I email Gavin Patterson on the address you give here and within 2 hours my overcharge was sorted after weeks of chasing. High Level Complaints got in contact with me and resolved weeks of frustration.

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BT Complaints: Alternative ways to raise a complain to BT

Here are a selection of BT Complaints numbers, addresses, and alternative BT Openreach contact numbers I found. Please note I keep this list up to date so if you find anything that needs ammending please get in touch!

Please use these numbers and email addresses with discretion – High Level Complaints and the CEO are only to be contacted if you have explored other reasonable channels first to no avail.

Customer Service Director
Correspondence Centre
DH98 1BT

You could write to BT Head Office,
British Telecommunications PLC
81 Newgate Street,
London EC1A 7AJ

I have helped so many distressed people by asking them to email the CEO of BT Retail, Gavin Patterson.
NOTE: This is only for use once you have tried Sales 0800 800 150 or Faults 0800 800 151 and your complaint is unresolved.

Seemingly without fail, the secretary picks up the complaint and passes it to the right people. Complaints regarding Openreach or billing, or long standing faults are resolved very quickly indeed.

Keep your email factual, include phone numbers, order numbers, dates of the first fault report or complaint etc and include as much information as you can.

If this works for you please let me know you have had a happy ending and that my website has helped you! Leave me a review if you have a moment My Reviews
His address

You could also try Head of Openreach

High Level Complaints
Amanda Newstead
DSO & HLC Front Office
High Level BT complaints phone number 0800 3289393

The board of directors names can be found here Our board

The email addresses are either or firstname.middle

“At 9am this morning i had a personal reply from Current CEO Gavin Patterson Chief executive BT Retail
30 mins later i was called by ‘High Level Complaints’ team with refund and compensation”, explained one complainant.

Dear Geoff,
Just to let you know that we have had the most tremendous result following an email to the CEO’s office about our complaints. As you know we had been tearing hair out to get a resolution to our problems with a terrible line and appalling broadband speeds, with endless calls to India and many cancelled engineer visits.
Within 24 hours we had an executive assistant agreeing to sort our problem immediately and sure enough within another 24 hours we had an engineer at our house.
All of this was handled with courtesy and speed by someone who knew what they were doing and were in the UK.
Thank you for your help. It has made a huge difference!
All best

BT Building and Exchange Maintenance

Another customer Gill I spoke to had an enquiry relating to BT Building Maintenance. Trees and bushes were untidy at the local telephone exchange and she needed them cut back. All she had was as a contact address, and phoning India was a complete waste of time. She found out the following:
Maintenance of BT Buildings and property email

Telecom Ombudsman

“OFCOM Reference Team (0300 123 3333) & (0807 312 762 762) handled my complaint and I was treated with the greatest of respect and efficiency”.
Talk to Ofcom
Ofcom Tel 020 7981 3040

Might also be worth having a read of this as well: Code of practice for residential customers and small businesses

You may prefer to lodge BT Complaints with Otelo (providing you have either received a deadlock letter or your complaint has been ongoing for 12 weeks)

Otelo is the ADR that deal with BT. If you complaint is still ongoing you should Read this :- Ofcom – How to complain and if you’ve done everything there contact them Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman – Contact Us

Otelo’s contact details are as follows:
Otelo (Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman)
PO Box 730
Warrington WA4 6WU
Phone: 0845 050 1614
Fax: 0845 050 1615

BT Complaints, how to complain.

“The best way to get to the high level BT Complaints department is to either email or write directly to the chairman or a member of the board. Or to the address on your phone bill. While you are waiting to hear back from these letters go through the normal channels of ringing an advisor and insist on getting the complaint escalated if you are still unhappy with the outcome”.
“Try and get the advisors name, however they may only give there first name for security reasons (or alternatively ask for their EIN number). Ask for their managers name and a contact number if they say they are going to ring you back, but most importantly you need a reference number for your complaint”.

Once again I take no responsibility for incorrect numbers or info here, I found this info on forums and have just collected together what I thought might be relevant and help you. However if you are raising BT Complaints and you find a better way of contacting them, please drop me a line and I will amend this page.

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