BT Phone Number

BT Phone Number for British Telecom PLC – There are 2 main contact BT Number, one for New Installations and one for Fault Repair Service. If you need work to be carried out by BT, or you have a billing enquiry then Contact BT Sales or your service provider. To have a new phone installation if you have no connection, have an existing line turned on or re numbered, wiring shifted, or an extra socket installed.

Useful BT Phone Number to speak to BT Sales

BT-Phone-NumberBT Phone Number for the Sales Department is 150 This is free from a land line or payphone. The BT Phone number to call the Sales Department from a Mobile is 0800 800 150 Charges may apply.

Would you prefer to speak to someone quickly without ‘pressing this and that’? Would you like to Speak to an Ex BT Telephone Engineer DIRECTLY – without being passed to a Call Centre in the Far East? Read on!


The ‘Good Old Days’ when I worked for British Telecom

If you would like an extra telephone point for your Sky Box, or you need wiring tidied up and simplified you could save money and call an Ex BT Engineer like me.

If you have an internal fault and are worried about the high charges involved with your service provider, you could call an Independent Engineer. Someone who is trained to the same high BT standard with years of experience, but possibly able to carry out the work much cheaper, and at a time more suitable for you, like a Sunday morning.

You could Google ‘Ex BT Engineers’ to read peoples reviews of the service I provide, and click below to see if I can help you.

To locate an engineer in your area Click HERE – Ex BT

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