Internet Keeps Dropping

I can help you locate and fix your fault if your Broadband Internet keeps dropping out, saving you money on a call out.

Broadband Internet keeps dropping out ?


I can help you sort out the mess 🙂

If your Broadband Internet keeps dropping out it may be time you got your phone line checked out, or just do some simple tests first.

Follow my instructions below if you suspect a telephone line or wiring fault

Internet problems – Simple Master Socket checks

So your Internet keeps dropping out and you’ve had the problem for ages, but have just put up with it. Remember your service provider charges you rental for your Broadband Internet connection and if you can’t use it, you are wasting money! Help! My Internet keeps dropping – Get it fixed cheaply, and quickly! Give me a call and I can help you with advice. I have 23 years experience with BT as an engineer and I’ve made a web page to help you out. Check out my page that shows you how to test your broadband speed. It only takes 20 seconds to do!

I’ve been told that the Broadband router has to be plugged into the master socket and not an extension. Is this true?

I’ve heard people tell me that BT and Sky insist that the Broadband Hub or Router must be plugged into the master socket. In most cases this is rubbish. Provided you don’t have any faults with your telephone extension wiring, your router will work anywhere in the house, on any socket! Think – it doesn’t matter about the length of the extension wire – your line has already travelled from the telephone exchange down a mile of cable. Nine times out of ten, a few extra metres isn’t going to make the slightest bit of difference to your Internet connection. With BT Infinity your Broadband Internet speed will be much higher. If the telephone extension sockets in your house aren’t wired correctly it will have a bigger impact on your broadband speed than on a conventional broadband line. If you want to maximise your broadband connection speed, consider doing away with unnecessary unused extension sockets and untidy wiring. Simplify the telephone extension wiring in your house, and consider using a modern cordless phone with multiple handsets. If your Internet keeps dropping out, or you have poor Broadband speed I have written a more in depth article with some good ideas that work here Fix Wifi and Internet problems and Speed things up


The ‘Good old days’

Dispel the myths, separate the fact and the fallacy. If your Broadband Internet keeps dropping out, do some simple tests and call me if you can’t solve it! Geoff Grove 07790 200800 01702 200800

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