Lifeline Careline Extension Socket

Lifeline Careline pendant system is a monitored alarm unit for the elderly. Often fitted in your lounge or hallway it’s an intercom to reach help when you need it most, and essential for the elderly or frail. When ordering you must think about the existing telephone extension socket – where it is in relation to where you need this unit?

Lifeline-Careline-PendantLifeline Careline pendant.

The Lifeline Careline Pendant Alarm control box needs to be plugged into an electric socket, and also a telephone extension socket. It needs to be located in the main area you spend most of your time. If you don’t have a telephone socket in a suitable central location, you will either need to contact BT or myself to put you an extra phone point in. British Telecom will charge you in the region of £125 for this, and my price as a guide is just £65. The Lifeline control unit will need to go in the lounge, near to where the person sits for most of the day, and requires a telephone socket and an electrical socket.

Lifeline Careline installation cost

Often you can order the Lifeline Careline through your local Social Services department and save money taking advantage of a discount scheme if they run one. Sometimes these units are provided through your care nurse at a hospital before you return home, so that you are safe, and your relatives have complete peace of mind.
Once you have booked an appointment a Lifeline Careline representative will call and assess your home for suitability and install the unit in a central convenient location.
So if your relative is organising a Lifeline Careline to be fitted and you need an extra telephone socket, or the one you have isn’t near a mains point and you would like to re locate it, give me a call! Save money! 01702 200800 or 07790 200800

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