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phone-bt-faultsYou should Phone BT Faults Department (or your service provider who will contact BT Openreach on your behalf) if you believe you have an external line fault, or if you only have a master socket or NTE, and no other wiring or equipment is connected to cause a line fault. Please read my article which gives you great advice on how to do your own line test, and how the new BT Master Socket or NTE works.

Phone BT Faults: How to do a few simple checks and save money!

To Phone BT Faults department simply use one of the following BT contact numbers – after you have verified that the problem is on the BT wiring and not your own. Here’s how to test for a fault on your own telephone wiring. Remove the front panel if you have this latest style Master Socket called an NTE and plug your phone into the Test Socket arrowed. If your line is not working then you have an outside fault and need to call your service provider who cannot raise charges if you’ve not caused damage to the BT wiring or socket. If your line is faulty or your Broadband drops connection with the front plate in place, then you have an inside fault. You can phone BT Faults, or an independent engineer like myself.

Remember you have to call your own service provider if it’s not BT as you are their customer and BT will not talk to you directly.

Useful Numbers to Phone BT Faults Department

Phone BT Faults Number 151 Free from a land line or payphone

Phone BT Faults from a Mobile phone 0800 800 151 charges may apply

If you suspect that you have an internal fault and are worried about the high charges your service provider could charge you, consider calling an Independent Engineer. Someone who is trained to the same high BT standard with years of experience, equally able to carry out the work much cheaper, and at a time more suitable for you, like a Sunday morning, or ‘Out of Hours’ at a time when your business is closed, therefore more convenient.

Telephone-Engineer-Ex-BTYou could Google ‘Ex BT Engineers’ or click below to see if I can help you.

Some customers are so disillusioned after trying to get their service provider to send an engineer out. Then they discover me, and I’m often initially more like a councillor! 🙂

To locate an engineer in your area Click HERE – Ex BT

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